Intuitive Anatomy

Intuitive Anatomy is an intensive 15 day course with simple yet profound techniques which will take you on an adventure through the human body systems that will give you insight and better understanding of the human body. Enjoy the adventure and the changes this brings in your life. This course will give you better understanding of yourself and others.

Learn how to:

• Go up to the seventh plane of existence
• How to do body scans
• Day one Atoms Microbes Parasites
• Day two Skeletal system
• Day three Endocrine system
• Day four Digestive system
• Day five Respiratory system
• Day six Heart and circulatory system
• Day seven Lymphatic system
• Day eight Excretory and sexual system
• Day nine Muscles
• Day ten Nervous system
• Day eleven The skin
• Day twelve The eyes
• Day thirteen The brain
• Day fourteen The ears
• Day fifteen The body as a whole

The DNA works with mitochondria to make you believe that you are what you are; constantly recreating the perceived reality. In truth you can step out of your reality if you believe you can. We are greatly influenced by the belief systems of those around us. This influence can bring us negative or positive aspects to all levels of our being and has a great affect upon our lives in more ways than we care to believe possible.

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