Advanced DNA

ThetaHealingTM Advanced DNA is an intensive 3 day course with simple yet powerful techniques. In this class you are going to learn how to heal from the Seventh Plane of Existence, to learn more details about all of the planes, to eliminate commitments and obligations made on other Planes that are no longer serving you.

Learn how to:

• Heal from the Seventh Plane of Existence.
• Eliminate oaths, vows, contracts, commitments, obligations.
• Heal broken souls.
• Clear space in your mind that is holding onto random negative thoughts.
• Clear anger, resentment, revenge, regret, grudges, aggression, jealousy and envy.
• Utilise and have more energy, achieve faster healing.
• Advance as a species.
• Connect to the Divine Creator of all that is.
• Create feelings in seconds.
• Live without misery, fear, anger, frustration and conflict.
• Create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes.

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