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Oct 11, 2011

Awareness of your body and soul.

When we search outside of ourselves we look for all the reasons why we do not immerse ourselves deep within the very core of all that we are just by that very act. ThetaHealing is a wonderful way to experience all that you are within the universe of oneness of all that there is. No separateness exists when there is nothing (no things) in 7th plane but love and light. Which of course is deep within the very core of your existence and makes you who you really are.

Remember ThetaHealing is a sixth plane modality so don't get caught out in the planes. Connect to the oneness of all that you are with all that there is of creation.

The 3 R's.

All people, places, animals, nature, is who you really are.

Look carefully before you reject someone or something, you may just be rejecting you.  When working on rejection look at self sabotage in everything they do. Fear of rejection can cause someone to fail before they even begin and can influence their whole life.

Resentmets can turn into grudges and can make a person very uncomfortable. Remember to make them feel safe.

Regrets will affect someones lungs. Make sure you teach them how to live without regrets.

If you clean up the three R's you will clean up the kidneys, lungs, liver.


Sep 1, 2011

Pauline is having a change in direction. Moving more into speaking engagements and writing books.

Pauline is still teaching classes.

Mar 14, 2011

Well this year has had a lot of tragedy for many across the globe. It is still a safe world we live in. Please remember this. During these trying times please send unconditional love to everyone across the globe. Everyone has their own journey and have chosen their experiences long before they came here. Because we do not remember this and have forgotten our choices we feel the pain and heartache across the nations. Know you  can help by having and holding the intention of love and caring for all who you cannot reach in these difficult times. A thought and a prayer travels very fast and very quickly as it is energy in motion as we all are.

I am sending out my unconditional love and caring to all in our world right now who need this support and blessings.

Much love comes your way


Testimonial: Pauline is an amazing teacher. I am so glad I took her classes. She's very thorough, patient, calm, interactive, understanding, compassionate and caring. Excellent connection with her students. Thank you so much Vianna for your information and thank you Pauline for passing it on.

Love Dita 30th Oct 2010


Golden White Light Healing


Golden White Light Healing is an energy form of healing that comes from the energy of all that is through me and allows me to impart a healing to the person, through me but not from me. I am the facilitator and witness to the energy that comes through me to heal you. The Creator of all that is does the healing.

This is a very relaxing and fulfilling experience of unconditional love. You will feel energised and a deep calm peacefulness you may have never felt before. This is truly a wonderful experience to receive and a very powerful transformation to start yourself off on your journey to clear your blocks and challenges that prevent you from having all that you desire in your life.

Golden White Light Healing is a great gift from all that is. Each and every one of us has the ability to accept and recieve if we choose to allow ourselves; this wonderful gift of healing.

If you feel you are ready for change and would like to experience this amazing healing energy then why not book in for a Golden White Light Healing now.


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