By enrolling in a course with Wings of Faith, you accept the following conditions:

You have full intention of completing the course and understand that you are liable for payment of the full course fee; even in the unfortunate circumstance you are not able to complete the course.

You will be respectful of others in the course and treat with full confidentiality any information about other members in the course.

You agree to maintain full responsibility for your physical and psychological wellbeing, both during the course and afterwards, when practicing techniques taught in the course. Specifically, you understand that any additional support from trained practitioners or healthcare professionals, you may need as a result of personal issue arising from the course materials, will be your own responsibility and cost.

If you have any medical, physical, mental or psychological condition, the course facilitator may excuse you from participating in some parts of the units of practice due to your health concerns.

You understand that the complimentary health and wellbeing techniques presented in this course are a valuable adjunct to but not a replacement for conventional medical care.

You are not currently under psychiatric treatment for psychosis, schizophrenia, depression or other disorders. Where there is a history of serious mental illness, you have checked with the appropriate primary health provider on the suitability of the course, specifically in relation to entering deep relaxation states and/or spontaneous uncovering of unconscious materials.

You do not suffer psychological instability as a result of excessive and/or illicit drug and alcohol use, which may affect your own or others welfare during the course.

You understand that the ideas which will be expressed during the course from a variety of sources are offered to stimulate thought and encourage further study and enquiry. They are not to propound any particular school of thought, belief system, or doctrine or prescribe specific courses of treatment or action. When applied in relation to self or others you will take full responsibility with respect to the appropriate professional and ethical application of these materials.