Nutritional Consultations with ThetaHealing at "Wings of Faith" allows Pauline to tap into the vast knowledge gathered as a Home Economist with over 25 years experience in the health food and organic industry.

Natural health practices, including the use of nutritional health supplements are based on the recognition that the human body possesses a natural ability to resist disease by maintaining a state of balance. This enables it to adequately respond to anything threatening to alter, harm or destroy its normal healthy function.

Nutritional consultations using ThetaHealing are for people concerned with good health and who generally use health supplements to restore nutritional imbalances and to maintain a healthy state should any vitamin or mineral deficiency be suspected, whilst those in sports or extreme physical or mental activity include concentrated nutrients for optimum performance.

Nutritional consultations with ThetaHealing are for those people who still believe that eating a well balanced diet provides all the vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain vibrant health. In ideal circumstances this is true. However, certain factors can block absorption and proper utilization of vitamins, while others increase the demand for specific nutrients. Some of these are poor digestion, a fast food diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, accidents, illness and a lifestyle in the fast lane.

Common areas for which Nutritional consultations with ThetaHealing may be helpful:

• General health
• Insomnia
• Headaches
• Allergies
• Cold and flu
• Digestion
• Tiredness and fatigue
• Anxiety and stress
• Exercise
• Skin problems
• Women's Health
• Men's health
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Pain
• Constipation
• Inflammation
• Dietary issues
• Food intolerances
• Weight issues
• Eating disorders
• Fatigue

Nutritional consultations with ThetaHealing help create vibrant health of body and mind, is more than just avoiding sickness and disease. Being fit, alert and enthusiastic for life, eating well and taking time for exercise and relaxation has a fine reputation for providing quality for anyone interested in what constitutes good healthy living.

Nutritional Guide:

The best way to discover what you might be deficient in is through the Advanced Thetahealing class where we look at and uncover the structure of life and the relationship between the physical and the metaphysical body pertaining to the Planes of Existence.

The first plane is composed of minerals - if there is a lack of minerals - there is a lack of support. Most common complaint back problems.

The second plane is composed of vitamins - if there is a lack of vitamins - there is a lack of love. Most common complaint heart problems.

The third plane is composed of proteins - if there is a lack of proteins - there is a lack of nurturing. Most common complaint childhood issues.

The fourth plane is composed of carbohydrates - if there is a lack of carbohydrates - there is a lack of energy. Most common complaint chronic fatigue and extreme tiredness issues.

The fifth plane is composed of lipids - if there is a lack of lipids - there is a lack of spiritual balance. Most common complaint disassociation, not being grounded.

The sixth plane is composed of nucleic acid - if there is a lack of nucleic acid - there is a lack of spiritual structure. Most common complaint brain disfunction or mind and thought imbalances.

The seventh plane is composed of ATP - if there is a lack of ATP - there is a lack of spiritual essence. Most common complaint cellular disfunction in the body.

The following suggestions may assist:

Vitamin A for DNA maintenance, skin tissues, immune system

Vitamin D for bone deformities, hypoglycemia

Vitamin E for anti-aging, wound healing

Vitamin B for producing energy, reducing anxiety and stress - take as a B-complex formula


Calcium for healing and maintenance of bones, high blood pressure

Magnesium for relaxing nerves, constipation, as a brain stimulant, heart problems, high blood pressure

Zinc for pulling out heavy metal toxins, poor night vision, immune system disfunction

Iron for carrying the oxygen through our lungs, some types of asthma

Chromium for hypoglycemia, high cholesterol when dealing with diabetes

Selenium for absorpton of vitamin E, treatment of cancer, heart problems, arthritis, pulls out toxic effect of heavy metals

CoQ10 for the heart, MS, exposure to radiation

By using Vitamin E (500mg) with Vitamin B1 (100mg) this will help to reduce negative repeating thought patterns

Spirulina and Chlorella for oxygenating the cells, detoxing, energy,

Flaxseed oil for heart, brain function, memory, inflammation

Vitamin C for immune system, skin repair