A guardian angel is a spirit assigned to a particular person to protect and guide them. Throughout history the belief of angels goes back as far as recorded history to the Sumerians. The belief that the Creator sends a spirit to watch every individual was common in ancient Greek philosophy and the Old Testament. In the New Testament, Jesus says that children are protected by guardian angels. "Never despise one of these little ones; I tell you, they have their guardian angels in heaven, who look continually on the face of my Heavenly Father.

Angels were created by God the Creator to be his messengers and to help mankind. Angels watch over you protecting you and keeping you safe. There are many angels assigned to help support and comfort. Guardian angels are assigned to each person and are always with you. In fact each person has at least two who are always near by.

Guardian angels come in many guises and have been known to be our ancestors assigned to watch over us. A guardian angel will always offer up advice and opinions and are only too happy to assist.

A guardian angel reading is for anyone who believes in the power of the angels.

Would you like to experience a guardian angel reading?

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