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By requesting one or more treatments in the following: ThetaHealing,

You have full intention of completing the session and understand that you are liable for payment of the full session fee, even in the unfortunate circumstance you are not able to completely benefit from the session.

It has been explained how ThetaHealingTM, consultations are administered by the practitioner and in particular you understand the information explained.

ThetaHealingTM is a complimentary health technique and not a replacement for conventional medical care.

ThetaHealingTM is based solely on the basis of energy transfer and no claims are expressed or implied as to the treatment or care of physical or psychological medical conditions.

ThetaHealingTM practitioners at Wings of Faith do not diagnose make prognosis or prescribe with respect to any health condition, unless otherwise qualified and within the range of their particular qualification.

You understand that the ideas which will be expressed during the session from a variety of sources are offered to stimulate thought and encourage further enquiry when applied in relation to self and will take full responsibility with respect to the appropriate professional and ethical application of the treatment.

You understand that the complimentary health and wellbeing techniques presented during the session are a valuable adjunct to but not a replacement for conventional medical care.

You agree to maintain full responsibility for your physical and psychological wellbeing, both during the session and afterwards. Specifically, you understand that any additional support from trained practitioners or healthcare professionals, you may need as a result of personal issue arising from the session will be your own responsibility and cost.

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