Categories: General
      Date: Sep  1, 2011
     Title: Change In Direction

Pauline is having a change in direction. Moving more into speaking engagements and writing books.

Pauline is still teaching classes.

Hi everyone, a great big Thank You to everyone who has followed and supported me during my ThetaHealing journey. To all the friends I have made along the way, the clients and students who taught me so much and gave me so much strength and courage. I have enjoyed and had an incredible time.

As I have evolved my spirit has evolved and it is now time for me to take the action and discipline required to fullfill my spirit within. It is time for me to use and share the knowledge and wisdom I have gathered over the last 12 years. I am so ready for this new beginning. I am excited and enthusiastic as all is being revealed to me by me and my spirit.

As I accept and acknowledge, admire, love and respect my spirit within then I will attract the assistance of my spirit within that surrounds me. All is in perfect order.

I look forward to sharing more very soon. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile if you need a guest speaker please make contact. This is where I am heading. I hope to see you all very soon in person.

I will still be teaching classes so, Book Now.

Many blessings and much love as you find your path to your fullfillment.